Did You Know?

Reading is 25% slower from a computer screen than it is from paper, and visitors scan web pages rather than read them word for word.

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Our Process

The Planeteria Solutionâ„¢ is an 8-step process that results in successful Web applications regardless of size or scope. Using this process, we guarantee a product that gives you the edge. Roll your mouse over the images above for a detailed explanation of each step.

Project scope is identified and defined. We gather the assets necessary to commence the project.

We organize an information architecture, or content structure, to show how users are likely to navigate through your site. Flow charts, sketches, user scenarios and focus testing are all part of the drill. With a full palette of technologies available, we will consider the merits of applying them, as appropriate, to arrive at the best solution to achieve your goals.

With content flow determined, we create a visual signature. Subtle and not so subtle visual consistencies that define your company, your message, your Web site, its attitude and personality.

The coders go to work only when steps 1 through 3 are complete. Development team uses design specifications to create a working prototype that works for the user and for the client.

Copywriters create text to map to the character count outlined in the design specifications.

When visitors are confused about aspects of your message or your site, they tend not to participate. Usability testing, formal and informal, identifies bottlenecks so wrinkles can be smoothed. Client reviews and approves content and functional end product.

To bulletproof your site, we test exhaustively to assure a glitch-free user experience. We batter the release-candidate mercilessly to assure that our code is rock-solid, that your site knows how to talk to different browsers, that all site-links function correctly and end up at the right destinations.

Site launch.