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While internet sales continue to soar, recent surveys from companies that advise e-commerce merchants put the number of "abandoned shopping carts" at between 27 per cent and 66 per cent.
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The whole designing process went so smoothly we still can't believe it's done. We wholeheartedly recommend Planeteria for web page design.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we update our own site?

Yes, your staff can update much of the Web site. Planeteria builds customized Content Management Systems that allow for additions and updates to site content with no computer programming experience. These systems can also be designed to manage inventory, membership directories, and other critical information.

How can we guarantee our Ecommerce solution is secure?

If you expect your customers to submit their credit card information to make purchases on your site, then you'll need a digital certificate to assure your customers of your legitimacy. Your digital certificate also enables SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. SSL prevents any hacker from spying on the transaction as it is taking place. With a digital certificate and SSL encryption, you can safeguard the privacy of your customer's financial and personal data.

How can we measure return on investment (ROI)?

Planeteria hosting options include a Web stats package. You can generate a wide variety of reports on the effectiveness of your Web site. Among other things, these reports will tell you how many people visit the site, where your users are coming from, what search engines are working best for you, and what pages of your Web site are most and least popular. You can also find out what times of the year you get more business and whether or not targeted marketing campaigns you carry out are effective.

How can we keep our Web budget under control?

We suggest that you control your costs with careful planning. It can sometimes be a good idea to phase in features after your initial site is up and running. Planeteria can build a strategic information architecture for you that takes the future of your Web site into consideration. A customized Content Management System can also save you from paying outside firms high hourly rates to make updates.

Can our new Web site compliment our print collateral?

You should plan for your Web site design to work with your branded print marketing and not against it. Sometimes this will require a redesign of your print collateral or logo. Again, it is very important that you build a marketing plan and budget that takes all issues into consideration. In addition to online materials, Planeteria provides print design and production.

How do you recommend we choose a Web provider?

  • Get at least 3 competing bids.
  • Look for proven experience. Ask for references and contact them.
  • Know what you need and what you don't need.
  • Be prepared to budget for maintenance and hosting charges.

Look at a prospective provider's portfolio. Is the work compelling? Are basic elements in place, like sensible navigation and smooth functionality?