Did You Know?

A report by Creative Good showed that 39 per cent of test shoppers failed in their buying attempts because sites were too difficult to navigate. Additionally, 56 per cent of search attempts failed.
-Creative Good

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Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on Web sites that don't work. It's crazy.



Planeteria provides different types of consulting for your business needs.

SEO Evaluations

Feel free to contact Planeteria if you are interested in enhancing search engine visibility for your site. An SEO evaluation is recommended prior to starting any type of search engine related SEO, SEM or SMO campaign. An SEO evaluation provides an opportunity to learn about how your site is functioning on the internet today and will allow us to better define a campaign that will work best for you.

Web Site Audits

With 17 years in the internet space, including 7 years as a Lead Design Program Manager at Microsoft, Planeteria CEO Jamie Spooner is a national expert in human factors, usability and marketing. She can evaluate your site for brand, marketing messaging, competitor-comparisons, SEO, design appropriateness and general usability. Jamie will personally work with you to develop a formal 20-30 page Web site Audit. This document can be used to determine the optimum steps to redesign your corporate Web site.

Alternatively getting a Web Site Audit may be too formal for your needs. If you are interested in hourly consulting, we can meet with you to review your site and give you recommendations on what you can do to improve your site.